Removals companies offer an abundance of services and expertise, resulting in a quick and easy house move, and the removal companies in the SW12 area are no different. Of course the house move will only be simple and time efficient if you choose a reputable and experienced removals company to help you, any companies not falling under the umbrella of being well-established may not offer much help or assistance and could actually become more of a hindrance than a help.

Because moving home is so expensive you may be considering hiring a van and moving your things yourself, but take into consideration the stress that is involved in a house move. If the costs overall are going to be only a little but more for a removals company and the help an reduction in stress that they bring with them, then would it not be worth paying the extra?

Services that a removals company can offer to you:

• De-cluttering: removal companies offer to help you to clear your home of all the clutter you have accumulated, meaning you have less to pack and pay to transport to your new home.
• Packing: removal companies are trained in packing your belongings so that they are safe and secure and arrive at your new property undamaged, as a result of this they offer an additional packing services where they can pack your entire home for you in just one day.
• Loading/unloading the van: not all removals companies do this as part of the deal, but most reputable companies will help you to load and unload the things onto and from the removals van.
• DIY: some removal companies are able to dismantle large or heavy furniture for you, and once they have moved it to your new home can put it back together for you, saving you a great deal of time and making the move much easier and more simple as you’re not having to squeeze large furniture out of the narrow front door of your old home and then into the new one.
• Storage: if you are moving to a smaller home or a house of a different size that cannot accommodate all of your things, you may be considering putting some things into storage, and some removal companies can either offer you storage or at the very least recommend a storage company to you.
• Oversees removals: removal companies are now able to help you move your belongings to another country.
• Office removals

When you start looking for a removals company make a shortlist of the companies in your local area and start calling around for quotes, while you speak to the removals company ask the a short questionnaire of questions like:

• What is your best quote and what is included?
• Is insurance included or can it be offered? How does this insurance cover me, my property ad belongings?
• Are you a member of the British Association of Removers?
• When was your company established?
• What is your usual process?
• Do you have any references?

Once you have all of this information, do some research of your own on the companies. Search the internet and try to find some genuine customer references on the companies, consider exactly what it is that you need from your removal companies and take all of this into consideration when making your decision. Be sure to avoid choosing a removal company on the basis that they offered you the cheapest quote.

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