If you’ve been charged with sorting out the removal of your office, then you are in for a fair old job. There is a huge amount to be sorted through, and the worst part of it is the fact that any problems could cost your whole company money, rather than just being a hindrance, like on a normal house move. With this in mind, there needs to be a certain level of confidence in your abilities as an organizational wizard, as doubting yourself will lead to double guessing and things will likely collapse in a fit of paranoia and panic! We will run you through a few things that people overlook when moving office to Pimlico, because knowing how others have gone wrong will only make you more aware of where you may go wrong, which is the perfect prevention to your own mistakes.

Firstly, many people who are planning a move will start doing so far too late. You should get to planning as soon a the decision is made and the new place is confirmed, as giving yourself a head start will make everything a lot easier. Having a bit of time to breathe when planning will mean that you are not rushed into decisions just to get them out the way, which can become very expensive, as you throw money at problems to make them go away! Working in this way can also cause disasters late on, as you may not have given the best deal of thought to the situation if you are rushed, and any mistakes can come back to haunt you in the near future.

Planning early includes booking your Pimlico removals company. You should talk to quite a few to make sure that you’re getting the right quote, as going for the first one may well mean you are paying over the odds. Have a look on some reviews sites to see if you’re hiring the best in your area, and make sure that each company has experience with working on office moves, as it is this kind of thing that will set them apart and make your move that little bit less stressful. Look at the building that they will have to get things through. Are there any complicated parts? Are all the lifts large, or are the staircases wide? It may be well worth getting the team round to see the place before the day of the move, to make sure that they don’t arrive to find a surprise, like the desks won’t fit through the doors because they were built up in the room!

One of the main parts of a successful office move is based round the speed of recovery. How quickly will you be able to get the place up and running in the new property? It is vital that things are set back up nice and smoothly, so that you have no issues with getting the business back into money making mode, as that’s what it’s all about after all. You will be moving office in order to improve the business in some way, but if you lose several days worth of business in getting the place moving again, then you will be undoing all the positives that the office removal Pimlico will bring!

Realistically, every move is different, so it is mainly up to you to second guess the move and be confident in your own ideas, but hopefully the things above will be a subtle pointer to where you may have gone wrong in your own process.

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