A Self-Storage Checklist – Your New Best Friend

Storage FacilitiesThere are many things to consider when finding a suitable self-storage space. Although there is a wide range of self-storage units and containers on the market today, when you are considering leaving your treasured possessions or valuable office equipment and documentation in such place, you need to know that your belongings are going to be safe at all times. With the help of self-storage checklist, Moving Checklist can put you in the right direction in helping you to find the right company and make sure everything goes as it should. Your new ‘moving in to storage’ check-list will be like your new best friend from now and throughout the whole duration of your relocation.

To find a reputable self-storage company, follow our guidelines:

• Check other customers opinions on the company which you have chosen and how satisfied were these former clients?!
• Ask to see one of the available storage containers beforehand
• Make sure that the storage unit is ventilated, so that your belongings don’t become an easy target for mould
• Find out how often the self-storage facilities are checked
• Be sure that there are 24/7 cctv cameras located on the site
• Make enquiries regarding who is allowed on the site and are new visitors to the storage unit site closely monitored
• Is the storage site secured by a high fence or wall with a lockable gate?
• Once inside the grounds where the storage units are, would it be easy for an intruder to break in to your storage container?
• Is it possible for the storage container to get infested with vermin?
• Does each storage unit look secure enough so as to discourage potential thieves
• How professional are the company’s team? What are their policies on theft and damage insurance should anything happen to your belongings whilst in their storage spaces?
• Make sure that the storage container isn’t prone to leaks and suffering at the hands of severe weather conditions

What not to store:

Never store any of the following (although quite obvious) items:
• Animals or live stock
• Plants and flowers (as there is a high possibility that they will die if kept in storage)
• Firearms
• Drugs, weapons or any other illegal items
• Food products
• Cash, jewellery or other highly valuable possessions
• Gas canisters or other flammable substances or explosives

Storage ChecklistGetting ready to move in to storage

After you have found a trusted company with whom you can store your belongings, there are some points to consider and tick of your checklist:
• Before booking and paying for a storage space, calculate the amount of space you require so that you can be sure that you will have enough space.
• Make a list of every item that you plan to store and keep it in a safe place, so that you can check back at it at any time you need to.
• Sort out any insurance policy that you wish to take out – whether it’s with the storage company or with another firm
• Carefully wrap and pack your items in to strong boxes, so that they are all ready to go in to storage.
• Instead of labelling the boxes with what is inside, number them and on a separate sheet of paper, make a record of what is in each of the numbered boxes. Keep this record with you and don’t let anyone else know what is in the boxes. In the worst case scenario that an intruder got in to your storage facility, they may not be so tempted to open up your boxes if there is not a clear indication of what is inside. Boxes labelled ‘valuables’ or ‘fragiles’ are an easy target for thieves.

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