When selecting a decent removals company, you are in best stead to find a firm that will give you a great service and good value for money by going with a company that is given good write ups by its previous customers. This is the only way that you can get an idea as to how the company tends to perform on the day, as there is no other way of seeing them in action without booking them! Companies who have been around for longer will always have a better reputation than others, as they will have been serving customers for longer, and will therefore have more experience and better response to customer demands and feedback. It is great if you can find a newer company however, that have great reviews, as you will often find that their demand is lower, due to their supposed lack of experience. This can result in some savings, which comes as a count of their prices being competitive to gain custom from those who would otherwise be attracted to a better established company. We’ll have a look at the ways in which to can get an idea as to how well companies stack up against each other when looking at reputation.

First off, start early. You should be able to get some decent discounts for booking well in advance, and this is due to the fact that many removals companies want to make sure that they are booked up well in advance. If you are not offered such a discount straight away, then ask if it the kind of thing that the company do for their customers. Some gentle persuasion can go a long way when you are dealing with companies who need your business. Starting early will also mean that you have time to research your companies. if you are rushed and panicked then you are unlikely to be making a decision based on who is absolutely perfect for your move; more for who can say yes to the dates the fastest! This is a fatal flaw and can result in sloppy service from your company, and can also mean that you miss out on some great savings. Have a look at removals or man and van companies in your area, as these will be the ones who can get to you the fastest on the morning of the move. Have a look on the internet for any independent reviews of these companies by previous customers. It will often be the case that there are a few on various testimonials sites, which are easy to find, and will offer you an amazing amount of information on the type of service that customers have had of each company. With this information you can work out how reputable your removals company is, and also how well they will treat you when it comes to your big removals day!

Be careful not to read too closely in to the reviews that you may find. Some will be planted by rival companies to put customers off of their competition, whilst others may be exaggerated or played down. You should certainly read individual testimonials, but also try to get a picture of the broader sense that the previous customers seem to have of the company, so that you can understand the average of their opinions which will be more likely to have an impact on your experience than singular reviews.

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