Moving house to the area of Belsize Park in London and not sure how to do things the right way? You don’t need to worry, because the following guide for easy and quick packing will give you just the right tips and tricks that you need for this task. No matter how many weeks or months you have until moving day, it is essential to start the planning process as early as possible. With careful planning, the packing will be a smooth and damage-free job. No need to break the bank or start pulling your hair in distress. London is a large and cosmopolitan city and people move house there literally every day. It’s nothing to be worried about, and especially when it comes to packing. With a reputable moving company to assist you every step of the way, and a working plan, the moving process will be easier than you think.

So where should you start with the packing? The first and most important task is to estimate the amount of shipment, i.e. know each item that you will pack for the Belsize Park move and each thing that you will leave behind – the unwanted items you can give for recycling, throw away, sell or donate. There will be plenty of old items you’ve kept stored for years which you don’t need to keep in your future home. If you are not sure about some items, or you have large ones that are harder to dispose of, you can put them in a storage unit and deal with them later on. The moving process is stressful and busy enough, and sometimes you just don’t have the physical power and the time to take care of absolutely every detail. A temporary storage somewhere locally might be the best option for the moment. Next, make sure you start gathering packing material and tools. There are some absolute basics which you can’t cope without; these are the following: cardboard moving boxes of different sizes or plastic containers, bubble wrap or plain paper, packing tape, stretch wrap, moving blankets, straps, dollies, etc. Make sure you collect all your supplies before you start packing. It’s better to have a little bit more than needed, than to run out of materials in the middle of the packing process. You can purchase a bundle of packing supplies online or from a home store and even get a discount.

Pack the non-essentials first and label the boxes with “non-essential” or “unpack last”. This will make the unpacking process much easier for you. The right labeling of boxes will be helpful for both the movers who unload the moving truck and you. Don’t forget to put a label on each box with the room the items inside belong to. While you are packing make sure that you tick the items off the inventory list. Use soft items to protect the fragile ones – clothing, linen and towels can be wrapped around most breakables. Pack similar items together and use straps to hold loose things. Pack box by box and room by room – this is the quickest and more efficient way. Use protective padding to pack scratchable furniture and use packing tape to secure the edges.
With these useful tips and techniques, your packing process will be quick, easy and efficient.

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