A Packing Checklist to Ensure You Haven’t Forgotten Anything

Packing ChecklistIt’s not just a good idea to have a packing list handy which tells you what items to pack, like when you go on holiday for example, it is always useful to have a packing checklist which assists you when it comes to knowing how to go about your packing when it is time to move out of your home or office space and relocate elsewhere. Moving Checklist can provide you with a checklist, which will prove to be a valuable tool to have throughout the duration of the moving process.

Some of us find it difficult to pack accordingly even when we are only going on a short holiday or weekend break, but when it’s a matter of moving house or an office move, some of us find it a near impossible task. So, let us break everything down taking you from a few months before moving day to the day of your relocation.

1-2 Months Before:

• Start to look for packing materials if you are planning to pack up your belongings yourself. These should include: thick tape, bubble wrap, boxes, newspaper and bags.
• Have a good sort through your personal items and see if there is anything you want to sell, throw or give away. It is far better to start this now and to get rid of anything that you don’t want or need, rather than paying to move it to your new location.
• For those of you who want to hire somebody to pack, now is the best time to find a company who deal with removals and packing.
• If possible, start packing anything that you are not going to need from now until you relocate. If you’re moving during the summer months, then you could start packing your winter clothes if you don’t think you will need them. Other items such as memorabilia, which you like to hang on to but tend to keep in boxes anyway, can also be packed up properly and ready for the move. It is never too early to start packing!
• Narrow down what you want to take with you to your new home or office space and what you’re planning to leave or give away.

Packing ServicesA week before the move:

• A week before your office or home move, you should have as much as you can, already packed up and ready to go. Leave anything that you use regularly out and pack it last minute.
• If hiring a team to pack your belongings, contact them to make sure everything is still in order.
• Make a list of everything that you have packed and keep a record of what has gone in to each box, bag and container. To help with the organisation when it comes to unpacking and sorting out at the other end of the move, it is best to keep track of where everything is by writing it down on paper.
• Those items that you haven’t already packed should be packed carefully so as to eliminate the chances of breakage or something falling out of the packaging.
• Anything that you intend to pack at the last minute should also be noted down, so as to ensure that you don’t forget anything when its time to relocate.

On the day:

• Pack up any last minute things which you use regularly
• Clean up the property and double check behind radiators, on top of cupboards and any where else where forgotten-about items might be looming
• Make sure you have your record of your packed items on hand, so as to also help the removals men know where to put each box, bag and container on arrival at your new location
For additional help on packing, call 020 8746 4398 and let Moving Checklist help you like they have helped so many others.

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