A Business-friendly Office Relocation Checklist Awaits You

Office Relocation ChecklistJust like with home removals, office removals can be stressful if you haven’t yet found the time or resources to sort everything out for your move. Moving Checklist can give you an office relocation checklist to save you time and money on your business move.

Whether you built the business yourself or you are an employee relocating to another branch or to a different office space, losing time from work can cause you added problems and hassle. For your own benefit and to maintain your company’s good reputation, you do not want to face issues such as not having internet access, the phone lines are down or you can’t find a specific document, which can all be a result of bad organisation during moving.
To be sure you have everything covered, before packing up and moving your business, make sure you have read our office removals checklist carefully:

What to do first:

Whenever you are planning to move, allow yourself plenty of time to take care of all of the following points:
• If you are the manager or owner of the business, then tell everyone in the office or who ever may be concerned, that the move will take place. If you can, it is a good idea to give the most exact date that you can.
• Notify the telephone company if you plan to change phone numbers or in any case, inform them that you are relocating to a new address.
• Contact any clients who may need to be informed of your move
• If you haven’t already – find a new office/work space, or at least start looking!!
• Start tying up any loose ends at your current location, if you will be leaving the premises.
• Start thinking of a moving date and confirm a fixed date as soon as you can

As the time draws nearer you should:

• Secure a new office or work space
• Hire a removals company
• Contact the power, internet and any other company who you pay bills to and inform them of the situation
• Make a plan of the new office or work space and plan where all of your furniture and fittings will go when they are relocated to their new premises. Remember that you want to lose as little time as possible when it comes to setting up in your nee location – the important thing is getting your business back up and running as quickly as possible.
• Hire a company to pack for you
• If you plan to do the packing yourself, then you will need to find the correct packing materials, such as: boxes, wrapping paper, tape and bubble wrap.
• Enquire about phone lines and internet for your new office area
• Inform the post office of a change of address if necessary
Office Relocation UK• Start packing the items that you don’t use so often and then leave those that you use regularly to be packed last
• As time draws near to the moving date, don’t schedule any important meetings for that time or day
• Notify any companies who you may work with that you are planning to relocate and therefore will be occupied with handling your move for a certain period of time

Removals day:

• If possible, get all of your colleagues and employees to help
• Move any last minute things such as plants and frequently used items
• Have somebody to meet the removals lorry or van at the new location
• Put a notice up in the office window or on the door, to be sure that everyone is aware that you have relocated and not gone out of business
• Try to set up internet and a phone connection in your new office or work space if possible

For more help on your office move, call 020 8746 4398 and speak to the professionals at Moving Checklist today!

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