If you are moving house then there will be a lot on your mind from the outset. It is important that you make sure that the home removals are working well for you and your wallet, but what about your impact on the environment? Our day to day lives take their toll on the future of the planet, and a removal is a much larger impact on the damage that we do to the earth, with all the waste, extra transport and use of materials that goes on. We’ll have a look at ways in which to make your move a whole load more environmentally aware, so that you can relax in the knowledge that you are doing what you can to make our earth a more pleasant place to live in the future.

First off, plan ahead. Planning well is the key to making any move a success, as it will be in the planning that you can work out ways of doing things that are more effective for your needs. Giving yourself a great deal of time in which to do all of this planning will mean that you are free to work everything out properly, and will prevent you having to rush in to any decisions that you would rather have spent some time over. Being forced to decide on things for the sake of time being scarce will often mean that you do not give the issue your full attention, and it will be rare that you make a choice that works the best for you, your budget, nor the environment, so be sure to give yourself a month or so of planning and preparation time in which to get everything sorted as best you can. This time can be spent making sure that you are sourcing recycled materials, which can be a lot cheaper than new ones, as well as better for the deforestation issues that are so damaging the ozone layer. You can also look into carbon neutral Finchley removals companies, and make allowances for your move to involve as little transport as possible, so that you are reducing the amount of combustion that your move demands, which will reduce your carbon footprint considerably.

Being conscious of your impact on the planet at all times is the best way to ensure that your Finchley removal is as green as it can be, so don’t just plan things out and let yourself forget them on the day. Being calm and considered whilst the move is taking place is the best way in which to ensure that you are making the most of your plans, and that you are not letting your attempts to stay carbon efficient and environmentally friendly fall by the way side as the move consumes you with all of it’s hectic power! Be sure not to throw anything away, and make sure that you have recycling bags and facilities at hand at all times, as there will be a great deal of things to get rid of. When throwing away items that you do not need any more, you should donate things to charities that cater for green causes, as this will mean that you can lend a hand in wider issues than your own move! It will also reduce that amount that goes to landfill sites, as this is the fate of that which you throw in the rubbish. Moving to Finchley may be a happy time for you and your family, but it can be bad for the environment, so be sure to be a green mover N2, and keep the plant clean!

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