When you’re considering revamping an office space, then furniture is likely to be high on your priority list. Getting the right balance between design and aesthetic can be the decision that makes your business flourish, as your staff sit back and work diligently, happy with their new surroundings. There are many things to consider while doing such a renovation, and logistics will likely be the last on your mind as you get buried in wallpaper swatches and different variants of potted plant, but getting your new products into your office is likely to be the factor that puts you in the most misery if not sorted at an early stage! Make moving office furniture in Knightsbridge a walk in the park with our handy hints and tips.

We can’t be the ones that tell you what to buy for your fantastic new office, as we have no idea as to what you do, and who works with you! What we can say however, is that to get the best, you have to buy the best, and ergonomic design in chairs and desks is not cheap, neither is it light weight! The best way to make sure that your pricy new furniture arrives on time and in one piece is to keep a watchful eye over the process from start to finish.

When selecting your furniture, avoid taking the easy way out of ordering online, and visit showrooms that cater for your needs. Take along a couple of members of staff so that you can get a good idea as to what will benefit your workforce the best. When you go, take along a list of measurements for the office, as well as the measurements for the doorways and stairs that lead to the office. As I’m sure you’ll agree, there can be nothing worse than getting your order all the way to the building and finding out that the packages will not fit through the door!

Make sure that the company you buy from will deliver, and if not, assure that the Knightsbridge moving company that you chose are a respectable and well reputed firm, as an assurance that they will get your order processes and delivered on time, and in one piece. Get to know the person in charge of your order, it is likely that you will be buying quite a lot of product from them, and therefore you should make them aware that you want to be treated well if they are to keep your custom and potential future business. Have a well thought out schedule made up and make sure that it is stuck to, with exact times and locations on it. Be sure to get the numbers for the driver as well as anyone else who can give you information as to the whereabouts of your packages on the day of delivery. Having direct connection with the person transporting your goods will give you peace of mind at a potentially volatile time!

You should make sure that your furniture is delivered and swapped over on a day in which your work staff are not present. You can imagine the kind of disruption that such a process could cause to a room full of hard working staff! Make sure that you have the appropriate man power to get any flat pack furniture built up. Some delivery and furniture companies will supply someone who can do this sort of thing for you, but if they do not, then you may find yourself on your knees in your best suit, searching for a screwdriver!

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