Organise Your Home Removal with Our Moving House Checklist

Moving House UKWhen juggling family life, a demanding job and other daily appointments, it can be hard fitting in time to plan your move. But with Moving House Moving Checklist moving house checklist, you don’t have to worry about your home removal, as we have done the work for you.
Few of us like moving house, as they don’t like that feeling of not having a stable place to call home. For this reason, we have come up with a helpful moving checklist to ensure that you can enjoy your current home up until the day you move out, whilst all the time keeping on top of what needs to be sorted out during relocating.

1-2 Months before the move:

• Make sure you have a fixed location to move to next and that all of the legal paper work is sorted before giving up your current home
• Start looking around for removals company and compare prices and services
• Try to decide on a date as soon as you can
• If you have pets that you are unable to move yourself, start looking for forms of transportation for them
• If you’re not planning to do the packing yourself, find a company that will do the packing for you
• If you are planning to pack yourself, start gathering packing materials and other moving essentials
• Contact the internet and satellite TV company and tell them that you are moving and either want to stop using their services or change them to another address
• Start packing anything that you don’t think you will use or need from now until moving in to your new home, it is never too early to start packing
• If you’re planning to move abroad, make sure your passports and documentation is all up to date
• For those with children, make sure you inform your children’s school that you will be relocating
• Find new schools for your children if you plan to move out of the area you are currently living in
• Try to gather as much information on your new home and the area so that you can start finding phone, internet and other companies to provide you with their services for your new residence

Moving House Services1 Week before moving

• By now, you should definitely have done at least some if not most of your packing
• Make a record of what you have packed and carefully label each box and bag
• Contact the post office and tell them that you would like to relocate your mail to your new address
• Inform other companies who you pay bills with that you are moving house and will no longer be paying bills for that address
• Be careful on how much food you buy in, as if you don’t use it you will have more to move with you
• Let your employer know that you will be moving and book any time off work if it is needed
• Get in touch with you removals company to double check that everything is still ok for your move

Moving day:

• Pack any last minute items
• Make sure your packing list, with details of what is in each box and bag, is kept with you and is safe
• If you have very young children, try to keep them entertained at all times
• After loading everything on to the removals lorry, give the house a basic clean-up, so it is ready for the new owners
• When the house is completely empty; have a quick last look around to make sure that nothing has been left behind, dropped or has gone unnoticed.

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