The main reason that anyone will hire a removals company is for the quality of staff that they expect. Us mere mortals are not particularly used to moving heavy boxes and furniture up and down stairs all day, so when we try, we tend to get things terribly wrong, and cause serious accidents and even injure ourselves. For this reason, we hire a removals company, who are fully staffed with men who are used to this sort of work, and have the experience to make it look very easy. A mover Maida Vale will also bring a great deal of know how in other matters or the move in terms of organization, but the main bulk of the work will be done by the staff who are charged with the lifting. For this reason, the training of the team is extremely important, and should not be overlooked by boss nor customer. How a Maida Vale removal company should train their employees revolves around experience on the job and mentoring with a heavy leaning towards safety, but it differs between each company as to how they do things. We’ll have a look at those things that a new removals employee should be trained in.

Firstly, safety. This means safety in various aspects of the job, from the safety of the mover, to the safety of the items being moved, and the safety of everyone around the employee. To start with, the trainee should be taught how to lift a heavy item; this means keeping a straight back and bending the knees right down to the bottom edge of the object, getting a good grip and then using the knees to lift it, rather than the back. Bending the back and overexerting it can cause serious damage, like trapped nerves and slipped disks, which will stay with the unlucky recipient forever unless they can afford the large medical bills which are often the only way to cure them. All lifters should wear gloves to avoid any type of damage to their hands and to retain a grip on items, which will mean that they can carry them more confidently. Palms become sweaty when under strain very quickly, and the rubberized surfaces on lifting gloves means that you will be able to keep a good hold on things despite this. The likelihood of splinters and burns from the hands slipping on certain surfaces is a great risk as well, which can affect the future lifting of an employee, should their hands be in pain for the rest of the job.

Communication is a big part of making sure that a Maida Vale move is carried off successfully. A trainee should be taught to talk to his team and make sure that he is acting in the most efficient way possible. This includes loading the van in the right order, getting things moved to the right places, as well as making sure that everyone is aware when a lifter is moving backwards while carrying a larger object, so that no one is in the way. Being vocal about what you are doing can prevent accidents to others as it will warn others of your situation, meaning that they can respond with answers as to how one should proceed. For instance, if a lifter is carrying the front end of a sofa round a corner, but someone else is carrying a mirror through the same space, then a collision could be fatal. A bit of talking and letting everyone know that you’re coing through can prevent this easily.

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