When you have made the decision to move house, you will start considering what exactly it is you are looking for.  This can lead to all sorts of fantasies about the potential your new Finsbury Park home could have, giving you high hopes when you start the property hunt.  If you then spend lots of time trying to find the perfect home, and still are unable to find anything you may start wondering if perhaps you are asking too much, or you should settle for one of the better properties you’ve already seen or lower your expectations. Do not do this, if none of the house you have viewed feel like they are your new home, then you haven’t yet found your dream home, and you shouldn’t settle for anything less.

It’s a common phrase, “when it’s right you’ll know it”, and this really is the case with home searching, most people know instinctively when they have found the right house for them, and your gut instinct should never be ignored. Here are some ways that you can tell you have found the home of your dreams:

•    Do you feel drawn to the house?  Is it welcoming you to go inside?  Would you be happy to come home to this sight every day?
•     Do you feel comfortable inside the house?  Do you like the layout of the rooms etc. of the house?
•    Can you go inside the bathroom?  This is often a room buyers avoid going into because it makes them feel uncomfortable.
•    Can you picture your things in around the house? Are you starting to think about where things could go?
•    Does the house fit your requirements?
•    Are you really excited about the house?  Do you want to go back to see it one more time?  Do you find yourself taking photos and showing them off to anyone who’ll look?  Do you compare other houses you view to this one?
•    Do you defend the house if someone criticises, for example, its location or size?
•    Other than the fact that you shouldn’t rush into buying a home, there is nothing standing in your way of making an offer, you’re sure this is the house for you and you find yourself wondering how long you have to ‘consider’ it before you can make an offer without rushing in.

If you think that this is your perfect home you may want to rush into making an offer.  But consider the following:

•    Discuss this with your partner or family and make the decision together.  Everybody should be happy with the move before you make and decisions, and everybody should have an input in the decision making process.
•    You may really like the house, but it is everything that you were looking for, i.e. is it the right size, does it have enough bedrooms, is there a garage etc.  There’s nothing worse than living for years, cramped into a house too small for you because you fell in love with it and rushed into buying it.
•    Whilst you shouldn’t rush into buying the house, you also shouldn’t take too much time over making an offer, many people have lost out on a property because they considered it for too long and it was snapped up by someone else.
•    Make sure you can afford to buy the house and pay any fees etc. that may be involved, if you buy the house and it’s too expensive you are going to have to pay for it regardless, and you may end up putting it back on the market.

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