A good way to avoid having any problems during your move is to have a look at the problems that others have had in the past. This is especially important if you have never moved house properly before, as you will have little idea of the extent of the problems that can be had during the process, nor what you should be looking out for as things move along. If you’re dealing with furniture removals in N1, common customer complaints and general issues that others have had will be of great help to you as you embark on your move. That said reading through the problems that others have had can sometimes be a bit off putting, so you should be wary of letting the issues that others have had influence your decisions and the way that you are around your N1 removals team.

The main issues that people seem to have with their N1 removals companies revolve around breakages and lateness. You will be able to go on to independent reviews sites to read all about how other people have been treated by removals companies in the past, and this is a great way to gain insight as to which companies to avoid, as well as seeing the types of scenario that may well lead to issues with the move. The most common complaints that seem to crop up time and time again are those of a company turning up late, or leaving early. These comments seem to generally belie a sense of sloppiness or laziness from the company, and are likely the result hiring a ‘cowboy’ outfit, who are not particularly interested in offering the best service, but prefer to take the money and run, avoiding responsibility at every turn. These companies are quite hard to spot, but they will generally offer a very low price in order to get the work, so if you think that something is too good to be true, then it most likely is! Reviews sites will often show these companies up, with bad remarks across the board making their score very low overall.

You should be careful however, not to discount a company because of a couple of claims of lateness, especially if they are surrounded by compliments regarding everything else, as often, these mistakes are unavoidable, and down to traffic or unseen problems which are not necessarily the fault of the company. Something that can be the fault of the removals firm however are breakages. These can almost only be caused by bad handling, especially if the packaging is thorough. This is where some issues may lie, as you may well think that you have packed your breakables well, but a removals company who are put in a corner by your claim of negligence, may well claim that the packing was not sufficient. Some companies will refuse to put their insurance on your items if they are not packed by their own N1 packing service, which is something to watch out for from the beginning, as presuming that you are covered may lead to disappointment. the only way to really ensure that everything will be kept safe is to wrap everything extremely carefully and keep a close eye on the movers as they shift through your boxes, and take pictures if you see a mover treating things badly or causing damage to your property. Make sure they put down plastic sheets to protect your floors, and that they are careful with your walls and paintwork, as these sorts of repairs can be very expensive.

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