Acton is largely known as being an industrial area, full of enormous warehouses as far as the eye can see, but there is another side to it. Cheap space in such a dense, sprawling suburban area, and large quantities of available storage and warehouse space means that different sorts of businesses are using the benefits of the area for more interesting uses. There are photography studios, each teeming with culture and life, that compete to have the best rates, scrap heap merchants who find the diamonds in a whole load of rough, props rental services who make British films look the way they do, and of course, multitudes of furniture sellers, both new and old, bulk and antique.

Such places are perfect for finding cheap pieces to make your home unique, from a smaller bachelor pad in the city to a great big family home in the country side, the right furniture will make your place homely and stylish if chosen correctly. Luckily, along with all the furniture vendors, there are a great deal of companies who are ready to help with removals in Acton, so your furniture should not have to suffer between the show room and your beautiful new home. While you should be able to trust your removal men, there are precautions you can take to make sure that your brand new furniture remains brand new, and your gorgeous antiques stay gorgeous! We’ll run you through a few key hints and tips to keep in mind when buying and moving your new items.

Large pieces like sofas, dressers and tables can make or break a room, however, you must make sure to measure the doorways in your new home, carefully checking that they will accommodate the destined item generously, or you may find your self stuck without a bed in one of your bedrooms, or a dining room without a table! Be sure that there is a good amount of room around the piece, as a tight fit could work, but will likely leave large and unsightly scratches on the walls of your new home, making even more work for you when you want to be settling in!

Check potential items for extruding parts, legs, feet, handles, you name it, it could get knocked off or broken! There are often ways of removing delicate parts on newer items of furniture, like unscrewing handles from the inside of the drawers, or taking the feet off or a sofa to make it more manageable. Removing the doors from cupboards and wardrobes can make them a lot lighter and therefore easier to move. The missing doors will also mean a multitude of new ways in which to hold the pesky thing as well! However, many antique items are not as easily reduced in size, and will often be very delicate because of age. Make sure to highlight such delicate items to your trusted removals team, and be sure that you use a well known antique moving expert who can provide an insurance policy against the damage of expensive items. There’s nothing worse than losing money and there being no one accountable for the loss.

Lastly, most obviously, and above all, most importantly, protect! Invest some time in covering the extruding parts of your new furniture with decent cardboard, bubble wrap and tape, as no matter how careful your removals team are, there will often be unavoidable bumps and scrapes that may render an item worthless. When you’re putting tape down however, make sure not to stick packing tape directly onto and delicate veneers that may suffer!

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