The moving house process is often one which can take up a huge amount of time for the whole family. If you are lucky enough to have children, then the moving process might be one which is a little bit more complicated. For very young children, explaining the situation to them can be tough enough and for those who are a little bit older, the larger amount of possessions which they will have is surely likely to create a bit of extra work for you to do while moving. In some circumstances, however, rather than slowing you down and creating extra effort during the move, there are ways in which your children can be of a real help and can make sure that the process of moving home is actually a lot simpler than you might have envisaged. But what way can your children help you move home?

If your children are a bit older, then one of the first things you might think of is that you have another pair of hands to help you get everything done. One of the trickiest things about moving is that there is so much to be done in so little time that it can be difficult to stay on top of everything at once. With a lot to pack, an extra pair of hands (preferably from a teenager) can mean that not only are your children’s things packed quicker but bits and pieces from around the home can be packed quicker as well. One important thing to bear in mind is that younger people might not have the best idea about how to pack delicate items, so giving them the more robust jobs can be a good idea. Packing books into a box (with a little instruction) is easy enough and by taking the time to show them how to pack now, you’re not only saving time and effort during this move, but also passing on valuable information for any time they move in the future.

As well as offering up an extra pair of hands, children can be useful in other ways. If your children are slightly younger and are thus not likely to contribute too much in the way of actual lifting and labour, then they are always useful to have around. While they may only be stood around watching, your family can be a fantastic way of keeping spirits up, making sure that you have the best support structure to help you through the complicated process of moving home. If you are concerned about getting distracted, annoyed or stressed during your move, having the kids around can be a great way in which to diffuse this and make sure that you’re focused, calm and happy throughout. As well as hiring professional help, your children can bring a fresh approach to moving home which is a world away from the typical bothers which face many people who are moving home.

One important thing to remember, though, is that your kids no not always have to be around. If you are looking to just make everything as quick and as easy as possible, then a great option is to make sure that you have given the children the best chance to get away from the bother of the moving process. It could be as simple as sending them to a friend’s house or leaving them with a relative for a short while, but in those instances when you are not sure that your children can be helpful, it can often help to make sure that they are somewhere nice while you get on with the move itself.

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