Office Removals Made Easier

Office Removals Made Easier

04Nov 2014

Relocating a business from one place to another is a difficult task as there is a lot to organise. Time is money and you know that you want the least disruptions when moving an office and all that goes with it. Moving a business can vary in size from small to a large corporation with a few hundred staff, and lot of equipment and furniture. Here are some tips to help make your office removals go a little easier. The first step is to broadcast your move. Make it clear to all of your customers where you are moving to give directions to your new address and state when the move is going to happen. Start in advance and make sure you tell everyone including suppliers and delivery companies. Try to make the move go as easy as is possible. Take on help where possible. In particularly hire a professional office removals company if the budget will stretch to it. This way you will get the job sorted quickly and efficiently. Reassure employees and customers that there will be the least disruptions with you move. If you operate a large business then have an information pack all about the move so everyone knows what is going on.Ensure you change your address, and arrange for your post to be forwarded by the post office to your new address for a few months. This service allows those clients you have forget to inform or change your address with to get to your new address. It can be easy o forget some especially if you only get in touch from time to time. Go over every service you use and utilities to make sure you have changed your address with all of them. You will have to also arrange various connections such as electricity, water and internet are set up in your new location.If you are hiring an office removals company then discuss all of your requirements. If you can book a date when it is a weekend or a holiday to get as much of the move done out of working hours. It is best to make sure you get your workers to pack up their own belongings. That way they are responsible for their personnel belongings, and they will be easy to find when it comes to unpacking at your new office. If at all possible try to keep the same contact numbers. Though your address will change it is a good idea to keep the same phone numbers and email addresses. If you want a change in look such as business logo, cards, letterheads, websites etc this is the perfect opportunity to change it. In business it can be easy to look outdated so if you are moving address it is the perfect chance to have a new brand or look. Though be careful to still promote who you are and just advertise the new look. Keep your staff informed regularly on how the move will go. Even if you hire a specialist removal firm it is a good idea to allocate a few of your own workers to oversee the move. That way you have some control and they can work together with the office removals. On moving day you will need extra help and have several members on hand to assist. Have an event planned after the move so all of your staff can look forward to a celebration in thanks to helping with the move. Or present gift cards or a meal out as a reward for their help and cooperation.

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