Finding The Right Removal Company

Finding The Right Removal Company

07Jul 2015

When moving house, the most important thing by far is to ensure you get a quality moving company on board to help you through the process. The problem is knowing which company to pick. There are so many companies out there all offering this and that, so when you’re doing your research it can get pretty overwhelming if you’re not sure what questions to ask and precisely what you’re looking for. So follow these tips and keep them in in mind as you’re going about your research to ensure that you get the best possible removal service and manage to bag the company of your choice.

1. Start looking for a company well in advance of your moving date.
Leave yourself plenty of time to do your research and find a company that will be able to meet all of your requirements. Most of the top companies get booked up for weeks at a time, so start early if you want to be able to hire the services from a top company and get the best deals.

2. Ask plenty of questions.
When you begin calling up different companies, don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions. If you want to know something, ask the company when you call them up and don’t be embarrassed, no matter how silly the question may seem at the time.

3. Make sure the company has experience handling your type of move.
This shouldn’t be a problem if you hire a specialist company, but if you’re thinking of hiring a man and van service for example, they may not the skills, equipment or the capabilities to handle your type of move. If you need a company to help with your office move for example, make sure that the company has experience in handling office electronic equipment. If you have any important items such as an expensive antique furniture piece, make sure that the company is experienced in furniture removals and will know how to handle, cover and load them into the van appropriately.

4. Do your homework and find out if there’s any way you can save money.
There are plenty of ways that you could knock a few pounds off the moving process if you know what to do and if you’re willing to make slight changes to your plan. If for example you’re willing to move in the middle of a weekday, you should be able to save some money as opposed to moving during a busy weekend.

5. Ensure your company knows exactly what you’re planning to take so that they can provide the right type of removal van.
If you’ve contacted a professional and experienced company, they should be willing to make the trip over to your house before moving day so that they can give you an estimate for the entire job. This way, they’ll be able to assess the type of vehicle that would be needed on moving day and will make the appropriate arrangements themselves.

6. Prepare for every scenario and make sure you know what will happen if pre-made arrangements have to be changed.
It’s always a good idea of have a couple of companies on call, just in case any plans get changed or cancelled at the last minute. If you’re moving date isn’t set in stone, tell this to the company when you call them up, because you don’t want to be left having to deal with a cancelation of a penalty fee because you’ve changed your arrangements.

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