Choosing the Right E14 Removal Service

Choosing the Right E14 Removal Service

20 August 2014

There are a growing number of removal solutions available these days, so making sure you find the right service can be a bit tricky, especially for first time movers. Essentially, choosing the right service simply comes down to making sure you take the time to do a bit of research, and are clear about your moving requirements. Booking a removal service should be one of the first things you do when planning your move, and by starting you research early you can make sure you reach a well thought out decision.

Identifying your needs

The first thing to do is think about what kind of services you will need for your relocation. Is your move long distance or local to the area? Are you moving from a small one or two bedroom flat or from family home? Although these sound like obvious questions, it can be handy to have all these needs written down, because sometimes they are so obvious we can take them for granted and miss money saving opportunities when it comes to choosing a E14 removal service.

Matching services to your needs

As an example, let’s assume we are dealing with a relocation from North London to South London, and we are only moving from a two bedroom flat to another apartment of the same size. What kind of service is going to be the best option in this case? Generally, someone in this kind of situation is not going to benefit from hiring a removal company, as they tend to charge rates by the day. Since moving from North to South London will, even with delays, probably not take longer than half a day (as the property is fairly small, everything can probably fitted in one van, two at most). For these reasons, along with the amount of goods that have to be moved, anyone in this situation is probably going to be better off by hiring E14 man with a van, as the rates are normally charged hourly, and the distance to the new property is not too far.

Alternatively, suppose we are moving from a large family home in the South of England to somewhere in Scotland or Wales, then we will have a completely different set of requirements. First of all , a removal company will be a must, as the move will likely take at least a full day or longer. Many removal companies E14 also offer storage now too, so this might be an option while the family makes their own way up to their new home. Hiring a smaller service in this situation would end up being more hassle and costing just as much as a larger company, so it’s more advantageous to use fully fledged removal services in this example.

Of course, both of these examples are very general, but should help give you an idea of how to match the right services to your relocation.

Getting estimates

Before you book anyo0ne, always make sure you have chosen around 3 or 4 companies or service providers, and given them all a call to get estimates on costs. This will give you a good general idea of the kind of expenses you should expect, but will also help you find the best value for money service. Furthermore, it can often highlight any potentially untrustworthy companies to you. If you receive 3 quotes for example, and one company has offered you an estimate that is way below that of the others, then the chances are this company are not trustworthy and will add charges by the dozen if you book them.

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