If you have been charged with the task of organising the transport for the relocation of your workplace, then you should know by now that you are in for a long and stressful task. Just as domestic relocations can be a nightmare, so can commercial ones. First of all you have to find a suitable new workplace, and then you have to turn your attention to how you are going to transport everything from one office block to another. It can leave you pulling out your hair and wishing for it all to be over. But fear not; the task at hand really doesn’t have to be that difficult as long as you approach it right. With meticulous planning, it can actually be relatively easy.

When it comes to booking a transport service, there a certain traits that you should look for in a NW6 removal firm to find out if it is suitable for what you require. Here are a few essential questions you should ask removal firms if you are looking to hire out their service. Remember, do this early: leaving transport arrangements until the last minute can only be a recipe for disaster.

1) Ask them if they are available on the day you need
This should be the first thing you ask. If they are not available on the day you require, it is time to hang up the phone and try a different service. You could always check how flexible you are, but if neither side can commit to the same day, you are simply wasting your time further talking to the removal firm.

2) Ask of their experience with commercial moves
Domestic moves and commercial moves are a world apart; just because a Kilburn removal firm has extensive experience in carrying out domestic removals doesn’t mean they’ll be any good at doing commercial removals. If you want your move to goes as efficiently as possible, you will stay away from hiring any removal service NW6 that does not have experience in commercial relocations. There are plenty of removal firms out there with years, if not decades, of commercial removal experience. It is best to go with one of them.

3) Ask if they will be willing to come down and visit your premises
If you can get them down to your offices, you can let them explain what their plan of action would be leaving you more informed when it comes to deciding whether or not you want to book their service or not. Meeting the team behind the service will give you a greater indicator of their competency to carry out the job. If you are far from impressed with their professionalism or their plan of action, it is time to ditch that service and find a new one.

4) Ask how much it would cost
Price will largely dictate what service you chose. However, it should not be the only factor if you want an efficient move; you have to balance price against competency. How you find that balance is up to you, but if you go for the cheapest option, do not be surprised to find that they are not the most efficient service.

5) Ask if they provide insurance
Accidents can and do happen with NW6 office relocations. As your insurance policy will most likely not cover any damages incurred during transit, it is best to get an insurance policy on your office supplies. Any good, large and reputable commercial removal firm will offer you an insurance policy. Having all of your office items insured will give you peace of mind knowing that even if the worse were to happen you would be fully compensated.

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