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Removal Company ChecklistWhen it comes to moving Moving Checklist can help you with all of your moving needs. Just like our name suggests, we like to break everything down in to small and manageable points so that we all take individual steps to make your move happen. No matter where you're moving to or the type of property you're moving from or to, let us be the company to help you. With years of experience in keeping our clients happy and helping them to tick of every point on their moving checklists, we would like to now help you.

Have you been putting off a move? Don't let relocating interfere with your daily routine, when you can hire the professionals, who can move, pack and store your items carefully and efficiently – leaving you to forget about your moving worries. In other words, we want you to be able to get on with your daily lives and the things that you do best, just like you should hire us and let us do what we are best at – organising your removals, packing and self-storage dilemmas.

We offer help with all of your moving related requirements. With our checklists, we can provide all of our customers with professional and expert help. Due to our careful planning and team of qualified experts, a move with us is guaranteed to be an enjoyable and stress-free experience.

This move is your move and we know that, which is why you should be the ones to call the shots. You employ us, which means that you are the boss.

A Checklist for Every Move

Storage ChecklistWe will provide our clients with a checklist to simplify the moving process, so that it appears easier to manage. Like with all tasks, it is good to have a list displaying each job that must be done, which you can then tick off once it has been completed. Our checklist method is also a proven way of making things simpler and less complicated, as they often are when they are noted down on a piece of paper. You will often find that no matter what your problem or dilemma is, when written down in front of you on paper, it all seems more doable and easier to handle. Seeing something written down before you helps everything to become clearer and better explained, which then allows you to come up with a rational solution.

Moving checklists are great for more than one reason. Firstly, they help you to plan your move and to ensure that everything is in order. Secondly, it can be rewarding to check points on the list once we have, together, successfully completed the task.

We deal with office and home removals, as well as packing and self storage services. Unlike other companies in the same field, we will remain by your side every step of the way and always there to help you in any way that is possible.

Office Relocations

Office moves must be handled with care and special organisation, so as not to affect you, your business or your clients for longer than is necessary. Due to the fact that offices can often be situated in a tall-storey building, which may have numerous floors, it is important that you hire a company who have experience in business moves. Corporate moves are different to domestic moves, because they may involve more careful manoeuvring when carrying heavy items down stairs or in small elevators. It is important to choose a reliable and professional team of removal experts who won't let you down. Our checklist system helps you to break down your office move in to small, manageable steps. Are you moving offices? Are you or one of your employee's relocating to another office space? Or, perhaps you're expanding your business and need help with setting up another branch, whatever the reason – think of us when moving offices.

Moving House

Removal Company ChecklistMoving house is probably the most common type of move that most of us will probably undergo at least once during our lives; this is why we want to help make your move an easy one. It is clear to us that moving home can be distressing if you experience troubles along the way, which is why we strive to eliminate stress from your move by providing you with a checklist to simplify your relocation and help make the move from your current home to your new home happen quickly and efficiently, so that the move doesn't interfere with your daily life.


If you're in need of extra storage or are not sure where to go from here, then not to worry. Most people don't handle moving, dealing with storage issues and packing every day, so it is understandable if you're not used to it. We have years of experience in this field, which enables us to put together informative lists to find you the perfect storage facility for you.


Packing ChecklistPacking is one of those things that people seem to love or hate. Some people love to organise and pack their things, whereas others dread the chore and put it off to the last minute. Nowadays, if packing isn't your thing, you can hire a removals company to pack and supply packing materials for you. You don't even have to worry about finding lots of boxes, tape and wrapping materials, as they will even do that for you. But whatever your choice, just look up our packing checklists and follow our step-by-step guide anytime you need to.

Not only can we simplify your move, storage and packing needs with our helpful check lists, but we can also make your experience an enjoyable one. Look forward to the next step of your life, with our helpful moving, storing or packing checklists. Call Moving Checklist today on 020 8746 4398 and speak to one of our friendly members of staff, who can help assist you on your moving, storage and packing enquiries.

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